The Schoolgirl Completes Island Charity Sail Independently

For the school girl, Heather Aitken, the big waves and HIGH winds were no match. She sailed around the Isle of Wight with an intent to raise funds to collect funds for the charity trip to Africa. Aitken is now 15-years-old and she is from Warsash. She sailed in Laser dinghy all single-handed for the 60 miles. It was all challenging conditions near the island and it took her 11 hours and 5 mins to complete the round.

When Heather was asked about her experience, she said: ‘When I was sailing in the waves with the length two meters and my boat was only four meters. This made the condition extremely tough. And this condition was for the longest stretch all around the island.’ 

“However, sailing from sunrise, and then San Juan, and then returning to the Warsash Sailing Club just when the sun was setting was an incredible experience and I can never forget it.” Heather is in the process of raising the money for her trip to Africa in the next year. There, she will work with a World Challenge on the project with local communities in Swaziland. Though, she handled her boat independently, although her journey, but she was not all alone during her trip.

She was accompanied by a group of volunteers and they were from Brookfield Community School. From here trip, Aitken and her friends was supposed to the fund of £2850, which they are going to use to travel to Africa in the coming summer. By this trip she has raised about £2,000, which is a great one.

She added: “For the fund I am able to raise, I want to forward a big thank you to each one who has supported me as well as sponsored me. When I finished the line at the Yarmouth a brilliant crowd came out to cheer me up.”

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